Trunkline Gas Company, LLC

To request a receipt and delivery point map, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-275-7375.

Trunkline Gas Company operates a 3,059-mile pipeline system with access to Gulf Coast supply sources which can deliver 1.5 Bcf/d of natural gas to Midwest and East Coast markets. Our Midwest customer base includes some of the nation's largest utility and industrial gas users in Chicago, Michigan, Memphis and St. Louis. Trunkline offers competitive rates and is continually creating and modifying its services to provide a wide range of customer-friendly service options.

Trunkline Gas provides:

  • Access to diverse onshore and offshore Gulf Coast supply sources and to major Midwest and Northeast markets.

  • Access to 12 Bcf of storage facilities.

  • Interconnects with most major pipelines serving the North American Grid.

  • Customer satisfaction focus, including rapid response from knowledgeable account personnel, a dedicated customer service group and an ongoing customer satisfaction program.

  • Customized service offerings including:
    • Limited Firm Transportation Service - Firm transportation for shippers that can accommodate not being scheduled for up to 10 days per month.
    • Quick Notice Transportation Service - A unique firm service offering flexible nomination and operational capabilities to meet electric power generators' needs.


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